"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million..."

One of the major challenges to "selling" a project is communicating to people how the project will look and function, in terms of movement of cars, buses, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists. A critical step is envisioning a viable project for it drives and guides all planning and design.

Visualization by Fisher Associates creates a detailed 3D simulation that combines great graphics and real, dynamic traffic conditions of a project before it is constructed. Great graphics are helpful, but combining actual traffic operations and dynamic interactions elevates the critical envisioning process to an entirely new level.

The result: Visualization is extremely valuable in gaining public understanding, optimizing the design, progressing the approval process, and thereby saving time and money. It builds credibility while satisfying SAFETEA-LU requirements to "Employ visualization techniques to describe plans".

Anything can be modeled. What is your unique situation?

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