Highway Engineering Department

With extensive experience in the scoping, planning, and executing routine and complex transportation projects, we keep projects on schedule, within budget, and have documented high customer satisfaction ratings.

By understand the requirements of various agencies, we know how to work with, gain concurrence, and obtain approvals from regulatory agencies such as SHPO, the NYSDOT, Canal Corp., NYSDEC, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as railroads.

We will not only navigate your projects through the rigorous requirements needed to obtain federal reimbursement, we also concentrate on your local concerns. We understand that you represent local taxpayers and constituents. We will assist you with gaining public approvals, alleviating design and construction concerns that the community may have, and incorporating their input into the project. With our Village-friendly approach, abiding by federal regulations does not mean being restricted.

Public Involvement: The key to success in any public involvement program is to offer many ways for the public to interact with the project team in a collaborative atmosphere. Along with open houses, and information meetings, we find project websites and mailed newsletters to be very useful tools for distributing information. Excellent ways to invite involvement include planning charettes and creating business owners’ focus groups to address their unique needs. We can also develop full PR campaigns.

Minimizing Construction Impacts: Communication is the key to minimize inconveniences during construction. Techniques we often recommend include:

  • Distributing an area-wide information newsletter prior to construction
  • Holding a construction-focused informational meeting prior to construction to identify unique concerns and inform the public of what to expect and how to contact our site representative
  • Special contract provisions to limit the length, extent, or phasing of the contractor’s operations
  • Use incentive/disincentive clauses for contractor’s schedule and performance goals
  • Incorporating special commercial destination signage during construction

We continuously communicate with you through biweekly progress reports. You will be able to monitor project costs because we provide you with a running project cost estimate. We create a team atmosphere where everyone works together to achieve the same project objectives.