Environmental Engineering Department

Timely project success hinges upon identifying environmental issues early in the design process. To ensure this, your consultant needs to understand the Federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), select the proper environmental classification, and conduct the appropriate level of environmental review. With documented successes in obtaining permits and clearing environmental audits, Fisher Associates is the consultant you need.

We have performed NEPA and SEQRA classifications and resolved environmental issues on 43 locally administered projects in 16 counties. We have addressed environmental issues on hundreds of transportation, gas, wind, sire development projects in New York, PA and Ohio and other Northwest regions. We resolve potential environmental showstoppers before final design activities are initiated, when they can be dealt with cost-effectively and efficiently.


  • Coordinate Phase IA and IB cultural resource investigations.
  • Obtain concurrence from the State Historic Preservation Office and the Tribal Historic Preservation Office.
  • Had successful SHPO review and sign-off on projects requiring Structural and Archaeological Assessments.
  • Delineate state and federal jurisdictional wetlands.
  • Prepare and obtain Water Quality and Individual and Nationwide Wetland Permits from state agencies and the USACE.
  • Prepare compensatary mitigation designs and conducted 5 year monitoring activities.
  • Prepare Executive Orders 11990 documenting the protection of wetlands.
  • Prepare SPDES permit applications and SWPPPs.
  • Conduct Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments
  • Prepare health and safety plans and provide environmental remediation oversight.
  • Obtain U.S. Coast Guard navigational permits.
  • Research threatened/endangered species. Conducted an endangered species survey.
  • Identify the presence of lead paint, asbestos containing materials, hazardous waste and made recommendations for abatement.
  • Prepare Coastal Zone Assessments and obtained Department of State concurrence.
  • Evaluated impacts to farmland and prime agricultural soils.

Phases I & II site assessments and studies: We assess utility and transportation corridors. We conduct surface and subsurface investigations and sampling, asbestos and lead surveys, air monitoring and health and safety plans.

Noise/air quality: We provide complete services including data collection, analyses and design recommendations for mitigation and abatement for traffic corridors, airports, and commercial facilities.

Wetlands and Biological Studies: We provide wetland delineation and mitigation design, water resources, biology and wildlife habitat evaluations.

SEQRA and Environmental Impact Studies: We provide beginning to end services including scoping, data collection, public hearings, and impact statements.