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Fisher Associates has experience with multiple wind, gas and electric projects throughout New York and Western Pennsylvania. Fisher Associates has been involved in the civil, site, and transportation design of gas and electric transmission projects, 10 wind farms comprising of 500 turbines, 100 miles of access roads, 350 miles of public roads, and the associated 850 culverts and bridges, as well as completion of hundreds of miles of design survey for new and existing pipeline routes, preparation of well drilling and improvement plats, compressor & substation surveys and well field surveys and line location.

We understand the level of effort required to comply with the various unique permitting and design requirements within the energy markets. Our reputation with the regulatory agencies is excellent and has proven a great asset in obtaining timely permit approvals.

Our study and design components include:

  • Analyzing delivery routes over public and private access roads, including crane crawl requirements.
  • Inventory of transportation route deficiencies.
  • Road and highway improvements to accommodate the width and turning radii for delivery vehicles, clear zone requirements, and cover over utilities susceptible to damage.
  • Coordination with the transport company.
  • Preparation of state, county, and local permits for highway access.
  • Design of geometric improvements on public and private access roads, including turnarounds.
  • Modeling of transport vehicles and crest and sag curves (to prevent bottom-out).
  • Design of crane pads and turbine assembly areas.
  • Bridge and culvert load ratings and design of upgrades needed to carry loads.
  • Wetland delineation and permitting for work within jurisdictional wetlands (including those impacted by bridge and culvert improvements).
  • Cultural & Archaeological Studies
  • Utility extensions.
  • Overhead power line and UFPO coordination.
  • Topographic, ALTA (for boundary), and easement survey and mapping, GIS
  • Geotechnical assessments, subsurface explorations, foundation design and environmental studies.
  • Post Construction Roadway Condition Assessments.
  • Pipeline routing and stakeout and Bore location and stakeout.
  • Well permits.
  • Boundary line establishment.
  • Acquisition and condemnation plats.
  • GIS design and integration.
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