Civil/Site Engineering Department

Complete Civil Engineering and Surveying Services
Fisher Associates specializes in a competitive range of professional civil engineering services: Property ownership research Site feasibility and conceptual site planning.

  • Landscape photo simulations
  • Public participation/meeting facilitation
  • Boundary and topographic surveying
  • New York State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process
  • Site development design
  • Highway, access road, and parking lot design
  • Structural engineering - bridges, culverts, foundations
  • Drainage and surface water management
  • Site/architectural/landscape coordination Air and Noise Evaluations
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments
  • Representation at municipal public hearings - planning, zoning & municipal boards
  • NYSDOT and other municipal highway/utility permit facilitation
  • Geotechnical and foundation design

Site Development Capabilities
Many clients are searching for a new, higher level of service and personal attention to detail. We routinely perform at these higher standards because quality site development demands a practiced understanding of special design issues inherent with specific land uses, development types, and site constraints. Our services stand apart from the competition because we spend the time talking with clients to determine their needs and formulate goals for the project. Every project begins with a planning component that sets the rest of the project on track for success.

At Fisher Associates, we offer a competitive knowledge base of all site-related design components. Our "special project" management services coordinate well-rounded designs that specifically address unique site needs and facilitate integrated site, architectural, and landscape design.

We have established professional relationships with Attorneys, Architects, Landscape Architects, and other Engineers, and can create an effective team, when necessary, to meet all of your development design needs.
Fisher specializes in developing creative ways to address specific site-related considerations that frequently include:

  • Adherence to environmental and municipal regulations
  • Appealing site design to enhance the architecture and improve aesthetics
  • Sensitivity to naturally occurring aesthetic features, such as trees and terrain
  • Special knowledge of municipal and regulatory permit needs
  • Effective maneuvering of multiple types of vehicles
  • Safe and efficient passageway of pedestrians and vehicles